St. Pete Spends

projected at the people’s budget review survey launch to encourage st. petersburg civilians to care about how their city spends their money.


parody of a florida tourist travel video, axeman was created for the st. petersburg chamber of commerce in celebration of their new logo. the video was not commissioned by the chamber or, but rather created by a st. pete native, out of frustration with their community promoting a pretty, idealistic vacation image of an in fact, struggling and vacant culture. axeman is a true story of a 27 year-old vagrant chasing tourists with an axe while making incoherent threats on central avenue in the heart of downtown st. petersburg. axeman was eventually shot and killed by police.


in-keeping with the cocks not glocks campaign, here is a modest proposal on how to disarm psychotic dicktards. created in response to the slew of shootings in 2016, how many more innocent people have to get shot to death before we do something in this country?