No Sirvice + People’s Budget Review: 1st Ave South + 5th Street (Kress Bldg)

reel compiling projections from the people’s budget review survey Launch to encourage st. petersburg civilians to care about how their city spends their money.

No Sirvice: Second Night: Central + Sixth Street

reel compiling our light + sound show. guerrilla screening videos and animations on everything from high-rises and bank walls to trees and pavement, using a lo-fi mobile rig which consists of four circa 1987 radio flyer wagons, projectors, inverters, laptops, speakers, and marine batteries

Knight Mergenthaler

emperor norton–inspired, edict-issuing cultural leader for baltimore. the scrolls were wheat-pasted in strategic areas around the city, pairing a command with an edict with a location.



remixing illustrations and typography from the book. 22 x 30″ screenprints on stonehenge. exhibited at mica, 3rd floor of brown. available to show elsewhere upon request.


Super Special

a collaboration with 0-TO-1 to make a soft living environment for children with motor disabilities; exhibited at nycxdesign and queens museum.


Blind Spot

narrative of red eye technology, which combines the immediacy of social media and data visualization in hacked and pirated hyperreal biology. installed in baltimore. by ras+e.