celebrating e’s return to florida with the new ras+e body of work at studio@620


No Sirvice: First Night: Union Trust Bank, Central + MLK

inaugural guerrilla light + sound show using a lo-fi mobile rig


Cave Art: Salle d’Animaux & Carrousel d’Animaux

referencing the death of physical play via a digitized lascaux in an abandoned amusement park; drawings circle the spaces as a carousel and are framed as human versus animal battles. installed at vollmar’s park in oh. by ras+e.



600 paper airplanes manifest the digital-tactile relationship of a personal email correspondence between the two collaborators, ras+e. guerilla install spanning 24 hours.



commentary on the overwhelming role of communication apparatuses and the incessant need for connection in an information-savvy culture. by ras+e.


Pixel Missile

guerilla install spanning 24 hours. grafting digital imagery into large physical spaces. by ras+e.



the ras+e thesis exhibition. install as co-lab war, slamming two worlds into one: she wrote a novel (stroke & fill) and he created a world (pessimistic idealism).