No Sirvice

“florida man” inspired and other wicked scenarios; used for our collective identity.

Wheat Paste

used to promote unsanctioned underground art in st. pete

Knight Mergenthaler

emperor norton–inspired, edict-issuing cultural leader for baltimore


Uncock Florida

how many more innocent people have to get shot to death before we do something in this country?


Kill it With Kindness

my response to bad advice


ras+e caryatids

designers as authors, authors as architects


American Smaugs

dragon-donkey and kongaphant as tolkien-inspired political canimals


Grades Patron Saint

self portrait



wind-up nuke + google grenade: critique of america’s cavalier use of powerful weapons



two (ted-k and neil postman–inspired) cartoons critiquing the consequences of american’s uncritical reception of technology into their society



a selection of my favorites from the book

adobe hookah: creative cloud is not actually collaborative

bad art jargon: it’s getting worse

patton oswalt, lester beall, richard serra, warren ellis, luba lukova, jr

donate your ipads: design can save the world

banksy as cowboy: illicit outsider hero

cage the elephant: i’m only playing music ’cause you know i fucking love it / it goes in one ear and right out the other

cave kevin, the edge, joe-bob neanderthal, and dance dance

cmd-z: fix your culture



david lynch: auteur theory in film has parallels in design

dining disconnection

contemporary forms of communication have altered what is considered professional

tribute to paul rand: writing is a matter of having ideas

existenz: umbilical gaming from david cronenberg

find v know

when harry met sally: the approval process

head bump: think harder

alfred hitchcock and alma reville

design won’t save the world

jessica hische and russ maschmeyer

kern and burn: mica-born entrepreneurship

lean pad: concept for self-charging

sleigh bells: rock duo

lost in the cloud: sharing is not collaboration

mic check mic check: occupy’s system of loudspeakering

mod the student: schools think it’s easier to adjust the students than the curriculum

multicultural diversity filter: schools accused of adding diversity digitally

neurons: collaborative godspeed

plug-in professor: faculty are not the door to knowledge

pope + u2

co-postering: makerspaces for collaborative events

proximity leads to sociometry, or collaborative chemistry

cab calloway: jazz improv as collaborative

reconstitute flag: identity concept for occupy boston using tape and tarps

round table: now go

school shopping

shared space

design is one: massimo + lella vignelli

strunk and white: co-writers of the elements of style

survivaballs: cowboy satire from the yes men

iggy pop: the stooges frontman became collaborative go-to

building as tackle box: brooklyn art communities

infotainment high

infotainment high

edu vending machine: insert thousands > diploma > maybe job

kurt vonnegut: author as cowboy


co-litho wooleys: large stones are two heavy for one

where the wild things are: spike jonze + karen o + dave eggers + maurice sendak

catch of the day: courtesy of the pacific garbage patch and surfrider foundation

yellow bird project: works with indie bands to design and print tshirts that are sold to benefit charities

brave new designers: remix of huxley’s dystopic child-rearing

allied chemical: long hallway leads to forced interactions

angryoungpoor: design mantra

bad art jargon: it’s getting worse

bad art jargon: it’s getting worse

ben folds remixes dr dre, ras+e remix jessica hische

collaborative competition

collaborative courtship: y/n?

curiosity tax

demotivational: remixing despair, inc posters

design your language

designosaur: ancient, grumpy, destructive, but somehow cool

architect as mad genius: liz diller takes nyc

co-write: it’s harder than it sounds

exclamation fairy: i wish for funner conversations

think harder

file sharing: here comes everybody by clay shirky mixed with big bang theory

freeschool: no degree and no debt

hati poster project: award winning

herman miller “action office” for greater interaction

house industries: rollover factor

the white stripes: jack and meg

josef and anni albers: collaboration is sexy

all write

drink ban: nyc outlawed large sugar drinks and was instantly attacked for its anti-freedom

lsd apps

rowboat room: googleplex

moneytheism: when gatekeepers misplace values


paula scher: aiga medal

poop brain app

poop brain app

posse project: student support organization

professor ranks: adjunct

school grinder: remix of pink floyd’s the wall

server space

personal settings: digital sandboxes

record your story: traveling audio library collection bus

sprint commercial: connectivity is a self-aware must-have

survivaballs: cowboy satire from the yes men

survivaballs: cowboy satire from the yes men

type directors club: guardians of the gorgeous

george clooney: used fame to launch section 8 with steven soderbergh and get non-mainstream projects into production

infotainment high

the wall: roger waters helmed the rock opera film

robert venturi + denise scott-brown

weingart as bouncer

designer last supper: tschichold, bass, rand, fella, lupton, vignelli, miller, lautrec, sagmeisters, carson, kalman, barnbrook, chermayeff

chris columbus, asshole: a howard zinn tribute

charity competition