Co-Lab Design

the handwritten ampersand has a double meaning: obviously, “and” and the founder’s first initial “e.” neon red parenthesis encapsulate the “you and me” collaborative symbol, and the crass signage winks at the nature of the studio’s underground subversive social design work.

Vance Audio LLC

jesse vance is an audio engineer by day and noise-making mix-master by night. advocate of experimental and emerging audio/visual artists exploring new ideas.



symbol generated for an activist campaign prompting americans to fix their broken culture.


Kevin Yoder

monogram incorporating two distinct disciplines into one personal identity: finance and woodcraft.


St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce

the lateral, angled lines reference the new pier park and sunshine skyway bridge, iconic landmarks of the st. petersburg area. to emphasize the st. petersburg area is more than its structures however, the central organic symbol contrasts the geometric line work and is inspired by tropical foliage and native wildlife. the central, organic flag also functions as a dart, compass rose, or map marker pointing south, and encouraging travel to the st. petersburg area. on the curved version of the logo, the flag points to the “s” in st. petersburg.


Occupy Boston

modular system that physically claims space by repurposing the american flag via tape + a custom typeface + asterisks + stripes



sticker-bombing a more realistic adage for baltimore in response to michael owen’s love murals.


Baltimore Sleeps Out

a project conducted with client charlie rubenstein in an effort to raise awareness of homelessness in the baltimore community through a sleepover in druid hill park.



elizabeth herrmann + ryan shelley: collaborative design studio & team-teaching duo. subjected to the digital/physical arena of mitigated communication systems, our commentary is rooted within this collision/dialogue: you can think of him as activist and her as altruist. if he’s a designer, she’s an artist. when connectivity is stripped of humanity, we hyper-interact, or re:act. via the “re:” projects, we generate interruptive humanistic commentary on critically detached communication using lo-fi, democratic means.



fashion, architecture, and basic design school in baltimore, maryland.


Designers + Artisans

a consultancy founded by karthika audinet focused on design and technical assistance to artisans for social development.



free zine that teaches silkscreen and other printmaking processes


Ugly Jupiter

album artwork for the single by the band the fibs


American Infrastructure Development

consultant agency established by sabina mohammadi that provides comprehensive aviation and surface transportation engineering services to public and private organizations.



generated for a gallery exhibition of over 5,000 random photos



maise farrow is an incredible interpretive performance artist in the st. pete area who needed a mark for her blog.


USFSP Green Campus

university committee committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability by improving energy efficiency, saving water, planting native species, using green cleaning, recycling, funding renewable energy projects, and educating students + staff.