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evicted documents the destroyed homes and left-behind lives of low-income families once living in a trailer park community on mlk street in st. petersburg, fl. partially demo-ed, but nowhere to vacate to, residents abandon their personal possessions and are now homeless. an oversized curb-sign visualizes the upcoming construction of a new storage facility—in other words, the homes of paupers are razed to make room for the excess stuff from wealthier homes. the images were photographed with a zeiss ikon ikoflex on ilford delta 100. vandyke prints on stonehenge add an off-kilter sense of nostalgia.



addictive snacking



plastic food with a plastic camera; toy foodstuffs were melted with a heat gun to highlight their artificiality, then placed in a natural environment and shot with a holga toy camera. as our concept of what qualifies as food breaks down, even produce not under shrink wrap is waxed, painted, and genetically modified—hence the bogus labeling raises concerns about its “real” carbon organic-ness.


Heat Gun

dame toy meets officer heat and they touch triggers…



gestures with painters tape


Cat on Car

st. petersburg, florida