evicted documents the destroyed homes and left-behind lives of low-income families once living in a trailer park community on mlk street in st. petersburg, fl. partially demo-ed, but nowhere to vacate to, residents abandon their personal possessions and are now homeless. an oversized curb-sign visualizes the upcoming construction of a new storage facility—in other words, the homes of paupers are razed to make room for the excess stuff from wealthier homes. the images were photographed with a zeiss ikon ikoflex on ilford delta 100. vandyke prints on stonehenge add an off-kilter sense of nostalgia.

Jesse Vance

calling cards for a st. pete-based artist. jesse vance is an audio engineer by day and noise-making mix-master by night. advocate of experimental and emerging audio/visual artists exploring new ideas. letterpress on mohawk superfine.


New York in 1900

i belong here


Kevin Yoder

monogram and handmade letterpress calling cards promote kevin’s sophisticated and humble attention to detail by remixing his amish background and varied skills in a clean punk design. appropriate for acquiring freelance work as a financial analyst at small startups and as a furniture designer for local patrons in sarasota, florida. type: berthold akzidenz grotesk. print: letterpress on rives bfk.


Co-Lab Posters

remixing illustrations and typography from the book. 22 x 30″ screenprints on stonehenge: available to show upon request.



angryoungpoor + circumventilator + demon toes. light-sensitive photo-juice on canvas.


Wind-Up Nuke

an activist critique of cavalier political discussions re: national defense using playing card language. silkscreen on stonehenge and kraft papers.



free silkscreen posters celebrating ink-slinging, tipped inside of the first volume of blockout, which teaches silkscreen for beginners.