Blockout #4

zine for printslingers: this issue teaches letterpress for beginners


Google Grenade

find versus know: our increasing dependence upon tech to remember common sense is a problem. search to your peril. silkscreen on stonehenge and kraft papers.



humanizing web communication by strategically combining programming language with personal narrative and viscerally silkscreening onto skin; the two figures relate in terms of css and html. cyanotype on stonehenge.


Stroke & Fill

movie posters promote a forthcoming design-sex book. silkscreen on clay-coated parent sheets.


ras+e Cards 2

used to promote the collaborative design studio: elizabeth herrmann + ryan shelley. acrylic on cardboard.


965 Central

abandoned storefront in downtown st. petersburg fl. vandyke on white mulberry and stonehenge papers.


Parenthetical Angel

for when your wishes are conditional. silkscreen on rives bfk and kraft papers.



investigating original, democratic means of production and social intercourse; body language = sunlight + water. cyanotype on red fabriano paper.



guerilla installation of 600 emails between ras+e as paper airplanes in the rosenberg gallery at mica in baltimore. cyanotype on white stonehenge and red fabriano papers.