Corrugation Nation

signage for a group gallery show at waterfall arts in belfast maine. re:print printing technique on cardboard.



original printmaking process using cardboard as plates and silkscreen acrylic ink. inexpensive, lo-fi, graphic method to democratically create multiples.



artwork labels for gallery show at studio@620. original re:type fonts. cyanotype on cardboard.


Orlando Strong

designed for sale at aiga orlando’s love by design event, which raised money for, benefitting the families affected by the shooting. silkscreen on stonehenge.


None of the Above

crude shadow puppets harbor over the inverted pyramid, an impractical and hideous st. petersburg icon, in protest against the multi-million dollar demolition + “new and improved” pier options, which are no better. cyanotype on stonehenge.


Blockout #3

zine for printslingers: this issue teaches digital file preparation for silkscreen



remixing standardized forms to call-out the absurdity of the language used. cyanotype on stonehenge and other assorted papers.



1980s-era sign found on gulf blvd. in indian rocks beach fl. collograph printed on stonehenge.



experimentation with alternative prinmaking processes, non-traditional materials, and signage vernacular