missiles as an absurd communication metaphor. banners abandoned in random locations around toledo.



interactive suitcase nukes as an absurd communication metaphor. abandoned in random locations around baltimore.


Play 3

chinamerican consternation: a critique of monocultures and the expendability of people/heritage by combining chinese and american references via mahjong tiles and playing cards.


The Body, The Blood, The Machine

album cover donated to an aiga fundraising event.



remixing standardized forms to draw attention to the absurdity of the language


Sit & Tell

mts seating + the arts commission + aiga toledo. visual interpretation of gina scherzer’s personal story about strong women; the artful chairs are a metaphor for communication and tour toledo neighborhoods: sitandtell.com


Body Language

collateral promoting a collaborative show in lancaster, pa with kate shelley


Play 2

king ace deuce: as above, so below: unacceptable hand. massive playing cards provide the structure for an activist critique of a failed political system and manipulated populace.


Itz Lit

tshirt graphic for the lititz, pa public library



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